With Teacher Elise

Our Pre-3’s class is a fun, warm environment. It is the perfect place for your child to start their classroom learning!

Every morning Teacher Elise welcomes the students and invites them to begin free play for the first 45 minutes of class. Free play stations include painting easels, play-doh, dramatic play, a constantly changing motion station, and an extensive block collection. Snack follows free play, and kids are encouraged to serve themselves and their peers. After snack, kids get time to run around outside and climb on our unique play structure. It is worth a trip to Wallingford Co-op just for a ride down the big slide! The class day ends with a circle time with Teacher Elise that includes music and story time.

9:30–10:15 Free Choice Play
10:15–10:20 Pick Up, Wash Hands
10:20–10:40 Small Group and Snack
10:40–11:05 Outside Play
11:05–11:10 Pick Up, Wash Hands
11:10–11:30 Circle Time


With Teacher Elise

Our 3-5’s class is inviting and energetic! Your child will thrive learning to make their first friends as they immerse themselves in our classroom.

Every class starts with a “Morning Meeting” with Teacher Elise. This meeting time is a welcoming first introduction to learning to raise your hand, listening to instructions from a teacher and sharing stories with friends. After the meeting kids move to free play. Free play stations include painting easels, unique art projects featuring collage, an extensive block collection, a writing center where they can tape, hole punch and draw, a science and discovery station, an ever-changing motion area, and a playhouse for dramatic play. After free play the children have snack, where they continue to learn to serve their own food. Time outside follows snack time, rain or shine! Kids have fun on the large play structure, ride tricycles, and fill buckets with sand in our huge sand box.

3-4’s students end their day with another circle time, learning songs and reading a book with Teacher Elise. Students in our Pre-K group will enjoy bringing their lunch to school and ending their day with Pre-K focused activities and a closing circle.

3-5s Class Schedule for Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:
9:00-9:10 Arrival
9:10-9:25 Morning Meeting
9:25-10:40 Free Play
10:40-11:00 Clean Up and Wash Hands
11:00-11:15 Snack
11:15-11:45 Outside Play
11:45-12:00 Music and Story Circle
12:00 Goodbye to 3-4s
12:00-12:25 PreK Lunch
12:25-12:50 PreK Activities
12:50-1:00 PreK Closing Circle

Pre-K Mondays

With Teacher Elise

Our play-based Pre-K program will prepare your child for their next big adventure, Kindergarten!

Teacher Elise is looking forward to Pre-K Mondays where Pre-K students can dive deeper into classroom studies. Students love answering a “Question of the Week,” receiving daily “Classroom Jobs” and discussing the weather. Free play stations include painting easels, an evolving art station, a science and discovery area, a motion area, a building area with an extensive block collection, a writing and drawing station where kids begin to master writing their names, and a dramatic play area full of costumes and props. After free play the kids have snack time, where the children are encouraged to serve themselves and their friends. After snack they play outside, rain or shine! Imaginary play on the playground, scooters and colorful chalk art are some favorite outdoor activities. Teacher Elise ends the day with circle time, which includes music time and a story, including reading folk tales and stories by the day’s classroom authors.



12:30-12:40 Arrival
12:40-12:50 Meeting
12:50-2:00 Free Play
2:00-2:15 Clean Up and Wash Hands
2:15-2:30 Snack
2:30-3:10 Outside Play