How does co-op preschool work?

For basic information about how cooperative preschools operate, please see North Seattle Co-ops How Co-op Works page.


Do you have a babes-in-arms or parental leave policy?

We allow one babe-in-arms per day, as long as the infant can be carried or worn in a carrier at all times, up until 6 months of age. We also have a parental leave policy which offers some time off in your child’s first year.


Will vaccinations be required?

Currently, staff and working adults in the classroom must be vaccinated according to North Seattle College policy. We follow Washington state law as regards vaccinations for children. 


Does my child need to be potty trained?

No. For the Toddler and 2’s class, we assign a diaper buddy who is responsible for diaper changes or assisting your child with the bathroom as needed. For safety purposes two adults are present with children who require assistance at all times. If a child is fully potty trained they may have privacy for bathroom use.


Does a parent have to be the one to work in the classroom?

We allow nannies, grandparents, au pairs, co-parents, and other caretakers to work in the classroom, however we request to have one consistent adult in the classroom on a regular basis unless filling in for parental leave or other extenuating circumstances. It’s also important that the adults participating in the classroom either participate in monthly class meetings or have good communication with the adult who is attending the class meeting, and ultimately it’s up to the discretion of the teacher and parent educator who may work in the classroom. Adults who work regularly in the classroom are required to register through North Seattle College.


Can I stay with my kids or do I have to drop them off?

In many cases we are flexible while families adjust to the preschool community. We understand that changes take time. Our teacher and parent educator can help families to be successful and build confidence with drop-off. We feel it benefits the growth of your child and you as a parent to confidently drop them off when it’s not your workday.